Quantity Survey With Sketchup Know The Bottom Line

Quantity Survey With Sketchup

I’ve had people laugh when I point out that you can manage quantity surveying and bills of materials in Sketchup and, to be fair, there are software packages that are better setup for this kind of thing. However, if Sketchup is part of your workflow and you appreciate the speed and agility it brings to your design process, you can definitely get useful data from a Sketchup model.

There is more than one way to skin this cat, but I’ll just suggest a few here for your convenience.
Sketchup Bill of Materials

  • Sketchup Reporter is built in to the sketchup software but it has some limitations. For example, it simply gives you an individualised CSV list of every item you select to report on rather than showing multiples of each component. If I report on a building with 20 windows it is more useful to show “window x 20” rather than “window, window, window, window….”. You CAN correct this in excel after the export but its a bit clunky.
  • Cut List is a plugin for sketchup that is basically all that the built in reporter tool should be but isn’t.
  • Space Design allows you to report on attributes associated with each component like price, weight, supplier etc etc. Its a great piece of kit but requires some patience to get passed the initial learning curve.

Whatever you use – the functionality of reporting in Sketchup requires discipline when creating and maintaining the components in your main model. This is something that other CAD packages force you to do but Sketchup, with it’s emphasis on speed and ease of use, allows you to get sloppy with component conventions. So early Sketchup users build a hasty model and try to report from it and get frustrated that every component has the same name or attributes that don’t correlate properly with the model.

So early Sketchup users build a hasty model and try to report from it and get frustrated

 Creating a comprehensive and usable bill of materials from sketchup is the final link in taking an idea through to reality using the sketchup workflow, but not anymore. We have the ability to 3D model (Sketchup) we have the ability to turn those 3D models into working drawings and plans (Layout) and we now have the ability to budget and properly plan the entire project using quantity surveying/bills of materials – all right from Sketchup.

Here at Coastal Concepts we have a lot of experience creating BOMs and quantity surveying from Sketchup models. If you’re struggling, we can tailor a quick training session to develop a straight forward methodology for you and your people to use, or we can create and manage a reporting system for you.

Get in touch with us now to discuss the powerful quantity survey and bill-of-materials workflows we can create for your business using Sketchup.

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