Engineering With Sketchup From Concept To Reality

Engineering With Sketchup

At the end of the day, all the 3D models, design tools and clever ideas don’t mean anything till it can be turned into a practical reality.

But executing designs and turning them into real products is hard. If you’re prototyping, innovating or do anything other than shuffling paper, you need a dynamic system that adapts to a world that is unpredictable and requires rapid design changes and adaptations.

Sketchup Design ProcessThis need was what made us fall in love with Sketchup in the first place.

  1. Fast and powerful, Sketchup allows you to take a concept, solution, part or design from your head and document it fast with easy-to-use modelling tools. Not only does this document your idea, but it helps to facilitate your design further by allowing you to see and engage with your concept while the software does all the work of imagining how it looks.
  2. Now with a 3D model, you can review the design with your team rapidly, even making changes on the fly.
  3. Once you have a design that you’re comfortable with, there is no need to go to another piece of software for documentation – make your life easier by keeping things within Sketchup and it’s intuitive tools as you refine and develop the design further.
  4. Once you’re ready, you can use Sketchup’s dynamic link with Layout to create construction documents in Layout. When used as intended, Layout is a straighforward tool to use to create “working drawings” for machinists or engineers to finally build.
  5. With such a resilient and flexible process, Sketchup and Layout allow you to take a concept to reality allowing for the changes that often need to be made along the way.

Other systems assume you’ll understand all the challenges before you start, Sketchup encourages you to iterate as you go, be more adaptable and create better final products (on time).A Plan

If you need a dynamic and robust design process to facilitate innovation and get concepts to reality faster, look no further than Sketchup. If you need help with Sketchup, talk to us.

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