Energy Modelling For Your Wallet and The Future

Energy Modelling

OpenStudioCommercial building owners have a lot to consider.

With changes in technology and fluctuations in energy prices, one place where cost savings can be made is planning your buildings to run more efficiently.

This is why the US Department of Energy developed the EnergyPlus Energy Simulation Software. Its a free suite of tools, specifically setup to allow building owners to better understand the energy needs to heat and cool their buildings and therefore make more informed decisions about the heating/cooling equipment they install and how they manage that equipment.

Alongside EnergyPlus is OpenStudio, a plugin for Sketchup that helps the user to model buildings and format their attributes in such a way that can be utilized by EnergyPlus.

Bractlet Energy SolutionsIts a great package and one of the most complex plugins ever developed for Sketchup. We’ve got experience modelling buildings with this tool for cutting edge energy savings company Bractlet.

If you want 3D models of your buildings prepared for EnergyPlus or would like training on how to use OpenStudio, get in touch with us.


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