3D To The World Your Product On Their Computer

3D To The World

Brochures, pamphlets, catalogues…..what is this, the dark ages?

If you’ve got a technical product, you now have the power to share a digital model with practically anyone on the planet. Less back-and-forth, less guesswork – they take your 3D model and see how it can work within their project. Its an incredibly powerful way of marketing.

Imagine you design your house using Sketchup and, within Sketchup, you’ve used XYZ Company’s door handles – you downloaded the door handle file off the net – you like the style and the specifications¬†suit your needs. Guess who’s actual door handles you’re going to buy?’

This is a low-cost, high return way to market technical products in a digitally connected world.

Sketchup’s powerful platform for making this happen is the 3D Warehouse. The 3D Warehouse allows Sketchup users all over the world to upload their models and components for others to place in their own Sketchup models. Companies like Bosch, Formica and Kholer use the 3D Warehouse to ensure 3D models of their technical products are available to designers, decision makers and Sketchup users all over the world.

TechoBloc_3DWarehouseSo what are you waiting for?

If you don’t want to do the 3D modelling work yourself we can do it for you and manage the process; ensuring that your products are well represented and available for your potential customers all over the world. It’s what we’ve done for leading North American paving stone company, Techo-Bloc¬†allowing seamless textures of their products to be available to people all over the world, making them better informed about Techo-Bloc’s products and more likely to decide on them when it comes time to buy.

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