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Bills of Materials and Quantity SurveyingExploded Building Diagram

Because 3D Sketchup models can be built from scratch quickly, it is an ideal piece of software for conceptualisation and early design stages. However, re-drawing in another CAD package simply to manage component info is a waste of time.

Using Sketchup, we have produced systems to extract information from model components allowing the creation of comprehensive bills of materials (BOM) for quotation and/or quantity surveying. Having this kind of power within Sketchup cuts out a lot of wasted time and speeds your whole design to execution process.

We have partnered with Outpost Buildings to optimise their design process.

“Great Job!”
– Aimee Mcgregor, Outpost Buildings NZ

Energy ModellingEnergy Modelling

OpenStudio is one of the most comprehensive plugins ever built for Sketchup using the Sketchup Ruby API. It allows building owners and contractors to model buildings rapidly in Sketchup allowing for in-depth analysis of the building’s heating, cooling and energy needs. The tool creates data that integrates easily into the US Department Of Energy’s Energy Plus software.


“Ash from Coastal Concepts has proven his deep understanding of Sketchup and is skilled in building 3D models for our energy analysis systems”

– Matthew Lynch, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Bractlet Energy Modelling and Analytics

Engineering With SketchupSketchup Parts Assembly

Building 3D models is all well and good – but can you turn them into useful working drawings that can be fabricated in a workshop?

Sure can.

Coastal Concepts have worked closely with Awdon Technologies, among others, to create 3D models of different design iterations, helping the creative process immensely and resulting in a final 3D model that can quickly be used to produce working drawings for the workshop.

Have you ever realised that you need to change your design after the working drawings have been completed? No problem, the dynamic link between Sketchup and Layout means the main 3D model can be updated and the resulting working drawings adapt appropriately – fast, easy, powerful.

The rapid 3D modelling power of Sketchup and its dynamic link with layout have helped revolutionise Awdon Technology’s design process and create a faster design-to-product cycle.


Is communication breaking down and slowing your projects?

Get everyone on the same page with a comprehensive 3D model that allows agreement on exactly how things will work and look.

In the modern age, with the software we have at our disposal, there is no need for confusion, conflict or misunderstanding on your construction project – get everyone on the same page in a format that can be rapidly adapted to suit changes on the fly.

Tranzwash International Pty Ltd sell truck wash systems in Australia and New Zealand, they use Sketchup and Coastal Concepts to model their wash systems in 3D so that everyone involved understands what is involved. This 3D info also allows quantity surveying for the project, calculating pipe lengths required, volumes of concrete etc, resulting in better pricing ability for Tranzwash and more happy clients.

3D To The WorldSketchup Pavers Texture

Allowing your potential customers to understand your product is critical to increasing your sales. When your customers are technical and your product is technical, how do you get them to understand it?

One great way is the Sketchup 3D Warehouse – anyone can download your models, either directly into Sketchup or for use elsewhere, and modify, understand and use them in planning their own project. Planned your new home project using company X’s Sketchup window files? Guess whos windows you’re actually going to buy?

Techo-Bloc make the best paving stones in the world, to communicate their product with their many contractors, customers and potential buyers the engaged Coastal Concepts to build a texture library of their products for use within Sketchup – you can check it out on the 3D Warehouse.Sketchup 3D Warehouse

Sketchup TrainingSmashing Roablocks

Smash through roadblocks in your workflow by receiving problem-specific Sketchup training. If you need issues resolved fast and don’t have time to go through a fully fledged training process we can help with your specific needs.

Supercharge your Sketchup workflow by sharing your challenges with us – we’ll help you remove your roadblocks by establishing issue-specific training for you and your people, allowing your organisation to be more effective.

Drop us a line now and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a solution.Sketchup Training


One of the key challenges with 3D animation for communicating products is the amount of time it takes to model objects, export them to an animation platform and finally animate them. With Sketchup, this is not necessary. We can create animations for you from right within Sketchup that are produced much quicker than traditional methods, can be rapidly changed (they’re inside a drawing program!) and are very effective at communicating with interested parties.

You won’t see Sketchup being used to animate the next Hollywood Blockbuster anytime soon, but you will see it used as a fast and low cost tool to communicate very clearly with stakeholders on various projects.

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