About Us

Obligatory Innovation Inferring ImageWe could use a bunch of cheesy buzzwords to tell you how awesome we are (enter visually stimulating image to the right) – maybe a Steve Jobs quote would be appropriate in an attempt to convince you how clever and innovative we are, but you’ll see straight through such shenanigans so we’ll skip the performance.

Put simply, we’re a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses go further – particularly companies that build stuff and get things done. Sure, the paper pushers and money shufflers have their place, but we’re passionate about making things and we’re sure you are to.

If you’re a small business that needs to…

  • Design products fast
  • Communicate designs to your clients in 3D
  • Produce working drawings for people to build your stuff
  • Produce bills of materials (BOMs) so you can get the right prices on the right things
  • Make digital samples of your products available so more people will know the value of your real products
  • Get your products online and stand out in a busy world
  • Communicate clearly and succinctly about your products

…then we’re confident that we can help you.

We use powerful tools like Sketchup to give our clients as much bang for their buck as possible.


Our business plan is simple – impress our clients

A lot of our work has revolved around 3D design using Trimble Sketchup – we’ve been using this software for over seven years and have used it with a string of businesses to help them be more efficient:

  • Designing and building automated log processing machinery for sustainable plantation forestry
  • Designing, building and marketing high quality, water recycling, heavy vehicle wash systems within New Zealand and Australia
  • Helping architects share their vision for a design with their clients via 3D design in Sketchup and rendering
  • Creating digital representations of client’s products so their customers can see how they will look in their new house designs
  • Helped systemise small building design to create a fast design cycle, produce bills of materials easily and get things happening in the real world.

Get in touch with us to discuss how our no-frills design skills and methodology can boost your business.

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