With 2 million active users per week, Sketchup is a ubiquitous design tool. Yet many product manufacturers are missing out on the software’s real power; to democratize design and make 3D design more available to the masses.

I’ve long yearned for the day when I go to use a company’s product in a design without having┬áto download a 2D PDF catalogue and manually draw the component myself. In a globally connected world it seems crazy that we can’t just download the components we need, from different manufacturers, in a format that is useful and informative right within Sketchup?

3D WarehouseThe Sketchup team introduced the 3D Warehouse a long time ago to achieve this. However, with everyone and their mouse creating 3D components at varying quality levels, the 3D Warehouse wasn’t the most reliable place to get high quality components that met the manufacturer’s specifications.

Enter, the 3D Content Developer Program, an initiative by Sketchup to verify Sketchup users who can create high quality components for manufacturers to make available to SKetchup users all over the world via the 3D Warehouse.

Coastal Concepts just got approved as a 3D content developer. Here’s a brochure on how the process works:

So if you want your products made available to the millions of Sketchup users all over the world, get in touch with us now.